The Mission:

To put an end to homelessness in Kern County through collaborative planning and action.

For more information contact Project Manager Christine Lollar at (661) 834-2734 or


Home First 12 Registry Week

Date: 6/20/2012
Short Description: Outreach to Identify the 12 Most Vulnerable Homeless in Bakersfield
Location: 1015 Baker Street Bakersfield, CA - Load Map

This outreach will last all week, with the first three days being the actual deployment of teams to go find homeless who are unsheltered, the fourth day being the day to review gathered data and rank the most vulnerable homeless using the Vulnerability Index, and the fifth day being a day to report to the community and the media what the results of regristry week are, with the hope of engaging stakeholders in the process of providing furnishings etc., for the homeless who will be housed.

Registry Week Headquarters will be at the Baker Street Village Community Center.  


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